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Beyond The Bridge: A Love Letter To St. Johns

While the bridge is iconic and beautiful, there is so much more to St. Johns. There's so much more beyond the bridge to explore, celebrate and love.

St Johns Bridge in Fog

(Photo Credit: Jesse Tishkoff of Pawsitive Steps Pet Care)

Beyond the bridge, St. Johns lies somewhere between Mayberry and Twin Peaks. It's coffee black as midnight and whiskey poured straight. Its early morning dog walks with familiar smiles and a late night out listening to songs sung by your neighbor with the drummer from that band you loved in college.  We have potters, glassblowers, metal workers, a tiny home designer, the best brewery in Portland and a 100-year-old dive bar that's always open on Christmas. Our neighbors are friends, artists, and musicians you can find any day of the week in our shop.

Owners Christine and Fuchsia behind a table

Beyond the bridge, a magical confluence happens, where art, music, and community combine, clash, and show up to shovel leaves out of the gutter, string lights on the plaza holiday tree, or take out ivy in Pier Park. New families and old townies are figuring it out together, but never on the same day.

The bridge looms large and the shadows stretch far over the river, tiny horses, backyard alpaca, feral cats, Pier Park dogs, and the people, all the same, but the light is always beautiful here.

-Christine & Fuchsia

(Photo of Christine & Fuchsia Credit To: Amelie Hooker Watson Photography)