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Return (Paperback)

Return By Ian Houston Cover Image
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It is the year 2312, and the City covers most of the planet. Street kid David North is a "Super," but his power - moving strings, wires, and similar things with his mind - isn't entirely under his control. During a violent altercation with one of the City's notorious gangs, he is saved from near death by a couple of Super teenagers who are students of an underground scientific research and training facility called Project Arete. David immediately feels a curious connection with one of his saviors-Sarah, a young woman with glowing green bionic eyes. During his recovery at Project Arete's hospital, David is given the opportunity to join PA and, warily, he takes it. Perhaps there, finally off the City's streets, he could learn more about his power and how to control it . . . and more about Sarah.
But there is someone who doesn't want David to get too close to her. And even though he is making lasting friendships, as David spends more time at PA, he discovers things are not exactly what they seem. An ancient mystery is slowly unfurling, and when David finds himself caught up in a 3000-year-old betrayal, he must confront impossible choices to protect the ones he loves. But will his choices doom them all to repeat the mistakes of the ancient past?
The first book in the action-packed Keystone Trilogy, Return takes you deep inside a world where no choice is easy, no answer is the right one, and every step you take comes with great responsibility.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781039199460
ISBN-10: 1039199461
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: February 9th, 2024
Pages: 426
Language: English