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From Many We Are One (Paperback)

From Many We Are One By Ferdinand Metz Cover Image


From Many We Are One reveals the never-before told story of the rebirth and globalization of American Cuisine, as influenced by iconic restaurants, shaped by passionate individuals and enriched by education. A journey through ground-breaking periods illustrates the roller-coaster development of cooking in America.The book details historic events, food and wine competitions and the California food revolution, whose combined energies fueled this movement and catapulted American food and wines to the top of global prominence. Seminal events hosting the Queen of England and the Hyde Park Summit with Presidents Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, serve to elevate American cuisine to center stage.As President of the Culinary Institute of America I was fortunate to not only observe, but to actively participate in the education and nurturing of American chefs as evidenced by the legions of industry-leading CIA graduates.While cooking at Le Pavillon, at the time the best restaurant in America, I experienced the highest level of excellence, which shaped and dominated my emerging philosophy and appreciation of food and hospitality all shared in this book.A critical look at the industry recollects the impact of fast food, the positive professionalization of chefs, while questioning the lamentable status and struggles of women and African American chefs and the media's reluctance to recognize their contributions to American cuisine. New emerging culinary concepts like Molecular, Fusion and Nouvelle cuisine are debated for their lasting and realistic impact on cooking.Lastly, the legacy of food in America is scrutinized for its contributions to gustatory benefits and their contrasting effects on the status on public health.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781638291725
ISBN-10: 1638291721
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: December 8th, 2023
Pages: 446
Language: English