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Soul Farm: The Purpose of UFOs & Humans (Nonfiction) (Hardcover)

Soul Farm: The Purpose of UFOs & Humans (Nonfiction) By Steve Kim, The Supreme Beings Cover Image
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Have you seen a book published in essence by so-called aliens or extraterrestrials? I have. Shockingly, I hold one in my hand. You are formally invited to read all 24 chapters with about 58,000 words in 216 pages of this narrative nonfiction based on facts beyond truths.
Close your eyes and carefully look around. Our current world is insanely upside down in many areas. In order to rectify it, this unusual book is finally coming out of the universal closet now after 9 years of quick writing, deep editing, and long waiting for the right time.
First ever in our earthly human history, its entire content, i.e., words, phrases, paragraphs, chapters, and even the book title & cover of Soul Farm, was quite virtually written, edited, reviewed, and also directed by a select group of intelligent and tenacious extraterrestrials.
This book goes far beyond whether UFOs are real or not. It shows us logically how to be a better person from instant enlightenment earned by naturally internalizing the whole big picture on how the universal life system works under many earth-shattering core concepts.
With a long-term commitment, this incredible book is meticulously designed and planned by the supreme beings working in the extraterrestrial book project in order to induce mass instant enlightenment in time among billions of the human beings on the Earth Soul Farm.
Covering the age of Aquarius for the next 2,160 years from now, all the factual content in this extraterrestrial book shall provide a right guidance as to taking care of critical aspects of diverse life experience given to the human beings trying to live on the Earth Soul Farm.
Whether we like it or not, a gigantic change in our human consciousness level shall occur through dawnvolution based on a new philosophy of dawnvolism. For reasons unknown, I'm just being a conveyor of this extraterrestrial content to you. Yes, I've been contacted.
Going forward, my resolution is to gladly serve as human consciousness coordinator duly appointed by extraterrestrials in 2017. I would perform whatever is required to publicize this extraordinary book designed to upgrade our earthly humanity. Yes, we are not alone.
For your sanity, I am totally a normal person like you. By design, my life has been full of unexpected ups and downs, but I was able to manage a professional life in Silicon Valley. If you have courage and wisdom, explore. If you see the light, spread. This is a real deal.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781963308020
ISBN-10: 1963308026
Publisher: SOE
Publication Date: April 16th, 2024
Pages: 218
Language: English