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Worthiness is Your Superpower (Paperback)

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You might believe that in order for your life to get better, your luck has to change or some windfall must land on your lap. What you might not realize is you possess something inside of you that can be engaged and used to transform your life.

It is your worthiness and it truly is your superpower because harnessing it, expanding it, learning to live from it is accessible to everyone. Becoming intentional about your worthiness can boost other qualities - like your confidence, your persistence, your belief in yourself.

The truth of the matter is this - as a spiritual being having a human experience, struggling is not meant to be a part of the plan. In fact, you are meant to live a life you love and your innate worth is the most powerful tool available to make that happen. Since the life you live is a reflection of your mindset, and you cannot be, do or have more than you feel worthy of being, doing or having, the most effective tool for transforming your life is your worthiness.

You were born worthy, you're worthy right now and you will forever be worthy, but not knowing this can allow unworthiness to have the upper hand, keeping you under its control your entire life. Unworthiness is subtle and like carbon monoxide can suck the life out of you without you knowing you're dying. Unworthiness keeps you among the living dead - you're going through the motions but not living a life you love.

Unworthiness has you playing small, dimming your light, going to a job you hate, remaining in an unhealthy relationship and living your life as an imposter who has no idea of what you're really capable of manifesting.

Learning to use worthiness as your superpower eliminates unworthiness and the restrictive hold it has on you. Learning to use your worthiness empowers you and opens you up to possibilities you did not know existed. Learning to use your worthiness empowers you to be your authentic self, unapologetically.

You are meant to live a life you love. Knowing you're worthy of it is key.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798218376994
Publisher: Hollinger Publications
Publication Date: May 15th, 2024
Pages: 138
Language: English