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Blue Sky Fibers Techno


Great for fast knitting with no splitting. Light, mesh tube creates airy and quick projects. Blossoms when it’s blocked. Go ahead and let your creativity bloom.

FIBER CONTENT: 68% Baby Alpaca / 22% Silk / 10% Extra Fine Merino

WEIGHT: 50g / 120yds / 109m

Price: $26.00

Brooklyn Tweed Dapple


Easy wearing with near-to-the-skin smoothness, Dapple delivers as the perfect go-to yarn for buttery soft baby sweaters, summer shawls and all-season apparel. This woolen-spun yarn is a blend of 40% Texas organic cotton and 60% Merino wool from Colorado.

Price: $12.75

Brooklyn Tweed Peerie


Brooklyn Tweed’s first worsted-spun fingering-weight yarn, Peerie is smooth, strong, and full of lively bounce. Made with USA-grown Merino wool, this yarn’s 4-ply construction lends luster and a polished hand to cables, lace motifs, stockinette and textured fabrics.

Price: $15.25

Brooklyn Tweed Shelter


American Targhee-Columbia wool shines in Shelter, our versatile 2-ply worsted-weight yarn. Shelter is woolen spun, meaning the fibers remain in a lofty jumble that traps air and offers remarkable warmth and lightness.

Price: $13.75

Brooklyn Tweed Loft


Loft is a 2-ply fingering weight yarn, woolen spun from Targhee-Columbia wool. The distinctive spinning process and light twist of the two plies gives Loft a unique bounce and airiness. Ideal for lightweight garments and accessories, ethereal lace patterns, and nuanced colorwork.

Price: $16.75


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