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Election 2020 - Resources for Voting and Getting Involved

Online Voter Registration (Oregon) - Includes instructions for registering by mail
Registration Verification (Oregon)
Official Ballot Drop Box Locations (Oregon) (Will be updated 20 days before the next statewide election)
Drop Box Map (Multnomah County, OR)

Current and Upcoming Elections (Multnomah County, OR) - Includes Voter's Pamphlet and Sample Ballots

Voter Registration (Washington State)
Registration Verification (Washington State)
Ballot Deposit Locations (Clark County, WA)



ACLU Protect our Right to Vote - Protect our Right to Vote

Fair Fight

  • Voter protection teams
  • Free, fair and secure elections in 2020

League of Women Voters

  • Information
  • Voting Rights
  • Non-partisan

  • Text team
  • Community Support Team
  • Moveon Mobilizers
  • Progressive Coders

NAACP (Join local branch (#1120-B))

  • Volunteer

  • Super easy: Sign up, get approved, get names, write a personal note on a postcard to encourage the person to vote, address the postcard, and mail it.
  • Supplies: Postcards, postage ($ .35/postcard stamp)

Power the Polls 

  • First-of-its-kind initiative to recruit poll workers to ensure a safe, fair election for all voters. 
  • Most poll workers are over 60 and vulnerable to coronavirus, so there is a nationwide shortage.
  • Donate or sign up to help  

UU The Vote

  • Phone Bank
  • Organizing School
  • Videos/Webinars
  • Organize your community
  • Find or Add an Event

Vote Save America

  • Phone bank training 
  • Training for Storytelling for America to get out the vote by sharing your story

When We All Vote

  • Aiming to increase participation in every election and change the culture around voting

American Bar Association - How to Help Protect Our Elections and Get Out the Vote


  • Join a Local Group (dozens to choose from) - Connect via Facebook and/or email
  • Local Events
  • Make Calls
  • Show Up

  • Letter writing, phone-banking, or texting to folks in battleground states to encourage voting AND to recruit new volunteers.
  • Phone banking script is provided
  • Local Portland Activities and events

Next Up Oregon

  • Mobilizing and empowering youth in civic engagement


  • Pick swing state, request # and they’ll send postcards/names
  • You get sent exactly what to write that has  been studied for effectiveness
  • Project of Indivisible Chicago Alliance
  • Email:

Rock the Vote

  • Help Register Voters
  • Help Empower Voters
  • Help Turn Out Voters
  • Youth Voting Focus

  • Write letters to under-represented voters in key battleground states
  • Super easy: Sign up, get approved, download names/addresses
  • Print out a form letter, write a personal note about why you vote and why they should vote, write their address on an envelope, stamp, mail on a specified date in October. 
  • Supplies needed: printer, 8 1/2 x 11" white paper, legal-sized envelopes, and stamps ($ .55/first-class)

Vote America to help friends and family to: