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Food for Justice

Local Food Justice Advocates in Conversation

Food for Justice - Resources List

Black Food Sovereignty Coalition

Black Future Farms

The Portland African American Leadership Forum 

Raceme Farm Collective and the Come Thru Market

Equitable Giving Circle

Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon

Village Gardens

Mudbone Grown

Self Reflection and Education

Indigenous Action - Accomplices not Allies

White Accomplices

Soul Fire Farm Action Steps & Policy Platform for Food Sovereignty  and Soul Fire Farm - Action Website

Oregon Food System Networks

Portland Means Progress

The Problem with the Food System is it Works: and How to Break It

Oregon Food Bank


Tip From Our Presenters - Listen hardest to the people who are hardest to listen to.

List of some oppressive and harmful Agricultural Policies throughout Oregon’s History

  • 1850: Oregon Donation Land Act.

  • 1857 and 1862: Oregon Exclusion Laws

  • 1868: Burlingame Treaty

  • 1869: Mexican vaqueros

  • 1882: Chinese Exclusion Act

  • 1887: Allotments Acts / Dawes Act

  • 1905: Chinese Vegetable Gardens

  • 1917: Asiatic Zone Barred Act

  • 1923: Oregon Alien Land Law

  • 1905: Chinese Vegetable Gardens

  • 1917: Asiatic Zone Barred Act

  • 1923: Oregon Alien Land Law

  • 1930’s: Great Depression and Mexican Repatriation

  • 1942: Japanese Internment and Bracero Program

  • 1943: H2A Guestworker Program

  • 1954: Operation Wetback

  • 1950-1960’s: Redlining and White Flight

  • 1999: Pigford v. Glickman

Event date: 
Sunday, August 23, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm
Event address: 
8836 N. Lombard Street
Portland, OR 97203
Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm's Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land Cover Image
By Leah Penniman, Karen Washington (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781603587617
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Published: Chelsea Green Publishing Company - October 30th, 2018