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Pacific NW Holiday Fun Box

Price: $180.00

From local dyer, Ryberry Yarns. They've collaborated with many local makers to bring you a box of yarnie goodness, new patterns (both a knit and a crochet pattern), fun accessories, and cool treats.

What makes the Holiday Fun Box different?
There's no rules in how you open your packages! Are you a planner and want
to see all the mini's to decide how to order them in the pattern? Then feel free
to open them all up and plan away. Do you want a surprise every day? Then
treat this like a traditional Advent calendar. It's up to you!
Both the knit and crochet patterns are designed to use the mini's in any order.
Your yarn kit will have a main color and 18 mini-skeins. 41 mini-skein colorways
were dyed for this box, so your yarn kit will definitely be unique.

Yarn Spec's
100% SW Merino

4-ply quarter round sock/fingering yarn
x1 50g skein, 218 yards
x18 10g skeins, 43 yards

See patterns for recommended needle/hook size.

Boxes available to ship or pick up week of November 1st.

What's Included?

x1 50g Main Color

x18 10g Mini-Skeins

Knit Pattern by Argentgal Designs

Crochet Pattern by Life Adorned

Project Bag by Tomato Moon

Stitch Markers by Argentgal Designs

Accessory Tin by Miss Purl/Ryberry Yarns

Notecards by Paper Or Threads

Self Care for Hands by LoLo Body Care

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