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Reading is Resistance

Booklists, subscriptions, and bundles. All created in collaboration with Reading is Resistance.


Image: A student stands behind a desk between a register and a telephone. Text reads: Front Desk


Summer Middle Reader Subscription




Image: Two girls, back-to-back, underwater. Seaweed and bubbles float upward with their hair. Text reads: A Song Below Water, Bethany C. Morrow.


Summer YA Subscription

              Image: A girl stands in front of a red curtain holding a microphone and waving. Text reads: Stand Up, Yumi Chung!

V's Pick Bundle



            Image: Many small images of people in the midst of several different activities. Text reads: Book is Anti-Racist.

Anti-Racist Starter Kit Bundle

              Image: A child with long hair and earrings holds a feather while standing in a stream of water in front of a crescent moon. In the background are the silouhetts of many people holding hands. Text reads: We Are Water Protectors.

Outdoor & Adventure:

Picture Books

              Image: Two children in a small water craft in a bayou. Text reads: Bayou Magic.

Outdoor & Adventure:

Middle Reader Books



            Image: An upraised black fist holding two paintbrushes against a red background. Text Reads: Rise Up! The Art of Protest.

Art in Social Justice - Picture Book List

              Image: A dark-skinned child in front of what seems to be a collage of a city. Newbury Award Seal. Coretta Scott King Author Award Seal. Text Reads: New York Times Bestseller Renee Watson.

Art in Social Justice - YA/Middle Reader Book List

              Image: A group of children marking side-by-side, in front of protest signs, with many different emotions on their faces. Text Reads, Let The Children March.

Activism & Engagement: Picture Book List



      Image: A person with cornrows holding up a sign saying "23 Lessons on How to Live Your Best Life," and a person with two buns speaking into a megaphone. Text reads, Step into Your Power.

Activism & Engagement: YA/Middle Reader Book List