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Bicycle Delivery

WOW, the book arrived this evening. I missed the bicyclist but so enjoyed this experience.




Thank you!

Thank you for having your wonderful bookstore in St Johns. It makes life

Thanks for carrying the Seinfeld book. It was the perfect gift for my son’s
birthday.  Laughing is healthy!

Happy New Year 2021
~ Nelly, December 31, 2020


The Great Offshore Grounds: A Novel

Local author Vanessa Veselka’s second novel is complex and moving, about a witchy mother in Seattle and her three adult children, each navigating the search for meaning, surviving trauma, and the struggle to makes ends meet, with tenderness and ferocity. They grapple with a surprise inheritance and a family secret, in turn brought together and driven apart by loves and disappointments, wild transcontinental road trips, and grueling work at sea. Veselka’s prose is poetic, spirited, meditative, and grounded in the history of American conquest.

- Jeremy, October 21, 2020


[T]he basket is a super treat. Thanks so much. On occasion in my youth I frequented some of those jazz clubs so looking forward to the book. The wine, all chilled..how nice and the book/knitting bag will be used well. Chop out did itself. I am a pâté freak so they hit my hot spot and all the nice details added made the box special.

Ladies..you and your St. Johns business partners outdid yourselves.

Thanks again and again. I look forward to being your patron for a long time.

- Kathryn, July 18, 2020


Midnight Chicken: & Other Recipies Worth Living For

Since Andrew and I picked up Midnight Chicken from you yesterday, we've read it back to front. Ella's writing is charm epitomized—her beautiful turns of phrase and narratives about sipping canned tomato soup in bed at 2am have lifted my spirits and relieved many of my anxieties and worries. We've taken turns reading passages to each other, each excerpt never failing to make us smile and reflect on the many comforts of food.

This is the book we all need right now, and I'm so grateful for your foresight in selecting it. We are both so excited to gather with the cookbook club again and share and delight in everyone's contributions.

- Isabelle, March 29, 2020